The Gliding Trout


The Gliding Trout is basically foolproof to use, it is perfectly balanced so all that is required to get the lure to dance is a half turn of the reel handle. Hard jerks with this lure are somewhat counterproductive, although occasionally can provide the trigger a following fish requires to strike as the lure keels over on it’s side. The Gliding Trout is also a very good caster with pretty much no wobble or spin in the air.

Over the past few years the Gliding trout has accounted for hundreds of pike both big and small. I would not go fishing without one personally.

The floating version will work down to max 3 feet whilst the sinking version (1/2 foot per second) will keep it’s depth up to about 8 feet.


8″ Inc Tail fin, Approx 96grm. Comes supplied with 2 x 3/0 VMC Treble hooks.

£32 each plus postage


Below is a quick video of me working the floating version, i tend to use my rod rather than the reel but i use a very forgiving Jerkbait rod the superb Dave Lumb Fooler. Link here


A bit of footage of the new version of the gliding trout. This is the floating version.

Posted by Robinson Lures Uk on Saturday, 9 September 2017