The Jacktail

The Jacktail is a realistic Jack pike imitation Pull/jerkbait that comes with an adjustable weighting system as standard. Originally designed as a slow floating pullbait alternate presentations can be achieved by changing the weight locations. Each Jacktail has 3 chambers covered with a tight fitting cap, the chambers are located under the chin, centrally and towards the rear. The lure is provided with 3 x 4.5grm balls, 9grm of weight in the lure will provide a slow float, 4.5grm fast float etc. You can customise the lure to suit the conditions on any given day, head down, horizontal or tail down. Extra weight can be added to create a sinking lure.

The jacktail also has a corkscrew for attaching the tail so tail changes are simple and quick.

Price £32.00

Unweighted 126grm

8″ plus tail








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